A Wondermark Bibliogenealogy ™

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Legal disclaimer: Only low-level, nonviolent Google searches were performed in order to create the above. No Malki !s were harmed in the undertaking of this project, although an otherwise perfectly good Saturday was sacrificed. By clicking on the above, you acknowledge that you are over or under or at the age of 18. You further acknowledge that 50 percent of Bajira! is a lawyer and 50 percent knows a lawyer and so you had better not mess with Bajira!.


8 responses to “A Wondermark Bibliogenealogy ™

  1. do you think he will visit and fall in love with us and even though he is married and half of us is married (and a quarter married to each other) he will marry us? it would be so easy b/c we already share the same “!” surname!

    Bajira! and Malki! sittin’ in a tree …
    q-u-o-t-i-n-g … sheer and utter nonsense.

    the hodgman quote is brill.

  2. Except Malki !’s got a space before his exclam and we don’t and so it would never work.

  3. killjoy! i mean, killjoy !

  4. Love this! You should sell prints.

  5. agreed! etsy is calling your name, gojira!

    upon further consideration, i think i’ll disagree. the exclamation point is his surname and the space in between the “malki” and “!” is actually his middle name. it causes all sorts of abbott and costelloy situations:

    “sir, you didn’t fill out the section for your middle name on this form.”
    “yes, i did.”
    “but it’s blank.”
    “yes, i know.”
    “so what is your middle name?”
    “okayyyy. i’ll just put “not applicable.””
    “no, that’s not my middle name.”
    “then what IS your middle name?”

    or, perhaps an action-sequence dialogue to go along with his wedding cake:

    “be careful out there! there’s not much time and there could be danger!”
    “__ is my middle name.”
    “what was that?”
    “i said, “__ is my middle name.””
    “um, not following you.”
    “my middle name is …”
    *explosion wipes out the city block*

  6. Thanks, Jenn!

    And Baji, as always your logic is irrefutable.

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