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Friday Afternoon Music Jam: Bettie Serveet

Did I mention I was going to Aruba? In honor of our upcoming Netherlandy vacation, let’s take a trip back in time to the ’90s and hear some Bettie Serveet which I first learned about via the soundtrack for Amateur. Awww, remember when I used to go see movies?


Friday Afternoon Music Jam: Sebadoh

It’s getting colder and darker and that makes me feel cold and dark and sad. This song [which was mentioned here] is sad. Join me in being sad:

Friday Afternoon Music Jam: Kate Davis

I always enjoy a good cover and, feminist controversy aside, this is a good cover:

Appetite For Destruction At 25: One Skinny Desi Girl’s Recollection

My buddy, Footer, forwarded this link about Appetite for Destruction turning 25 years old this month. I remember in September, 1988, I was a freshman in college and some of my new friends on my dorm floor threw me a surprise birthday party.  The group gift?  A GNR t-shirt.  I don’t know whether they genuinely thought I’d like it (which I did – I had fond memories of dropping quarter after quarter into the juke box to listen to them at the local Pizza Hut in the summer) or whether they just got a kick out of seeing a scrawny Pakistani girl wearing a glam metal shirt but I still have it. If I can find it and still fit in it, I’ll send you a pix.