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Soccer Mom

My new title.

I’ve had the Volvo station wagon for a while now.

The nanny share.

The move to the suburbs.

Nail in the coffin, I am literally a soccer mom now.

But today, as I hear her teammates cheer AP on and screech her name out loud (pronouncing it perfectly and not at all as though it’s a foreign name that elicits confusion and tongue tripping) at the top of their reedy voices (first graders, much gangle), my heart lurches and I smile.



Monday Morning Comedy Jam: Kid President

He has a new one where he was asked by the White House to promote the Easter Egg Roll but this one is still a classic:

Happy Birthday AP, International Woman of Mystery

I started writing up a sentimagical post for you, Norbu J. Kittycat, regaling the auspicious day of your birth when it suddenly occurred to me that the phrases I was using sounded familiar.  Had I written this up already before? Yes. Yes, I had.  I even started it with the identical “It was a dark and stormy night.” line!  Seriously. I mean LOOK at this forecast!

Anyway, four years ago, you entered our lives and brought joy and sunshine and a good dose of drama with you.  You are well on your way to becoming an independent, strong-willed, compassionate, and intelligent young lady. You love dressing up, looking beautiful, and acting like a princess but you are not above being completely rambunctious on the playground or mucking around in the dirt with your big brother looking for worms. The wonderful sense of humor, you inherited from me; the incandescent sense of indignation, you inherited from your father. You have a sweet and tender heart and you are very passionate in both directions: your displays of fury are matched by your displays of love. You run like the wind, climb like a monkey, and dance like nobody’s watching. Sometimes you will ask, “does everybody love me?” The answer is, of course, “yes”.


2011 Short Story Award Recipient

The Socks By Zain



Once upon a time there was socks















One time the socks got bigger


One time there was a boy


But the boy fixed the socks














Conversations with ZP

“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“A, who?”
“A mosquito bit me.”
(chortling exuberantly) “That’s a horrible joke!”
“Well, you are laughing.”

From the Mouths of Babes

I’ve been introducing ZP and AP to the wonders of Looney Tunes and, much to my delight, they’ve taken to it swimmingly.  I’m talking old school 1940s Looney Tunes, not this modern garbage.  Thank you, Netflix (she said, grudgingly).  Sometimes I will turn it on, watch a bit with them, and then sneak away to chop, cook, boil, whatever something for dinner.  With half an ear towards them to gauge fightin’-words-leading-to-action, I catch bits of the show’s dialogue and smile to myself.  One smoothly delivered insult issued by the cool Bugs Bunny to the pompous and fiery-tempered Yosemite Sam tickled me so much that I recently used it on AP:

“You’ve been eatin’ onions!”

In her ultra-soprano squeaky adorable voice, she piped up with the reply:

“And you’re gonna be eatin’ lead!”

How was I to know that death threat came next!?


All the Alans I Have Loved

Yes, yes, Harry Potter weekend.  Going to see it tomorrow and looking forward to seeing my favorite character, Severus Snape, in action.  This got me thinking of all of my favorite Alans, to wit:

Alan Rickman – for voice first and foremost but for the whole package too.

Alan Cumming – for the accent and adorable smile.  Hosting Sherlock doesn’t hurt.

Alan Tudyk – for Wash.

Alan Moore – for Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and the League of Extraordinary  Gentlemen (the graphic novel versions of each)

Alan Partridge – for everything, especially stuff like this.