Superb Blurb: Death Masks (The Dresden Files #5)

Death Masks (The Dresden Files #5) by Jim Butcher

Noir meets slapstick meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Still enjoying Harry’s deadpan humor, charming self-deprecation, and non-stop adventures, but most of all I love how he actually or nearly throws up in every book. I also enjoy reading his recipes for his potions: straight outta America’s Test Kitchen complete with a “we wanted to” style intro:

In this case, I wanted something that would offset the venomous saliva of the Red Court vampires, a narcotic that rendered those exposed to it passively euphoric. I needed a potion that would ruin the pleasurable sensations of the poison. I used stale coffee as my base ingredient. To that I added hairs from a skunk, for scent. A small square of sandpaper for touch. I tossed in a small photo of Meat Loaf, cut from a magazine, for sight. A rooster’s crow I’d stored in a small quartz crystal went in for hearing, and a powdered aspirin for taste. I cut the surgeon general’s warning label from a pack of cigarettes and chopped it fine to add in for the mind, and then lit a stick of the incense I sometimes used while meditating and wafted some of the smoke into the two bottles for the spirit. Once the potions were bubbling over a burner, I drew in my wearied will and released power into the mixes, suffusing them with energy. They fizzed and frothed with gratifying enthusiasm. I let them simmer for a while, then took them from the fire and emptied them into a pair of small sports- drink bottles. After that, I slumped on a stool and waited for Bob to come home.


4 responses to “Superb Blurb: Death Masks (The Dresden Files #5)

  1. i’m only slightly familiar with The Dresden Files, and only because i saw part of an episode of it on canay-dee-un teewee. it was about a cop in chicago with supernatural powers who spends his time doing private detectiving. the show was filmed (er, videod?) in toronto.

    it’s like 35 degrees here right now.


  2. You know something about a book! Vah, bhai, vah! Oh, you know the tv version. Never mind the vah. 😉 he’s a wizard, not a cop. The show was on Sci Fi and still avail on Hulu.

    Temps plummeting here today too. Boooo.

  3. i just took a virtual bow.

    wizards, super-heros, zombies, hobbits, vampires,werewolves, etc. – hollywood needs to step up its game. too much the lazy going on. saw Gone Girl – was pretty damn good.

  4. the book was excellent. haven’t seen the movie yet. i did, however, see ‘birdman’ which was pretty great.

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