Instant Karma

Today we took the kids to get their passports (second one for zp, first one for ap). After getting their passport photos taken and printed out at the local CVS (wish I’d known about this coupon!), we arrived at the post office a full half hour before our appointment time. A small skirmish took place when one customer got pissed because the clerk allowed another customer to jump ahead of him. No cuts, no butts, no coconuts, lady! But far be it from us to get involved in the fight, especially when we were next and knew how petty bureaucratic government employees could get when someone acts up and challenges their lordship status over their tiny domains (yours truly included).

A Hispanic single mother with a kid and an infant was ahead of us. With time to kill and altruistic genes to spare, tp held the door open for the mother, stroller, and kid and then accompanied them into the passport office to act as a field translator while I performed the more difficult task of entertaining our two kids in an empty post office lobby. When we were called, tp was still escorting the young mother out of the post office and into the parking lot (presumably also disassembling the stroller and buckling the kids into the back seat because he was gone for quite a while). Applications? Check. Photos? Check. Check? Check. Front and back of each parent’s ID? Oops. I had only copied the front of our licenses. Thankfully, this non-disgruntled clerk was so taken by tp’s gallant actions (clerk: “he’s a good catch!” me: “don’t tell him – it’ll go to his head.” clerk: “mmhmm, I heard that.”) that she returned his kindness by offering her own. “I’m not supposed to do this and you didn’t see me do this, but I’m going to make a quick copy of the back of license for you so you don’t have to come back.” WHEW! And we all shine on.



2 responses to “Instant Karma

  1. yep, this one even more instant than the last.

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