I’m thinking of bailing on FB. For Ramadan, I thought I would abstain from my usual ridiculous, frivolous updates and maintain radio silence for a month. Focus on within. Simmer down. Thing is, Eid hit and I still didn’t feel like I had anything to say or want to share. Part of it was the onslaught of tragic news on the global and local levels – how could I joke about anything when atrocities were being committed all over the place? [Yes, travesties occur all the time everywhere but it just seemed super intense this summer]. Part of it was that FB instituted a new messenger app which had some backlash news about the gossamer thin bounds of privacy. [Could be true, could be not, but it’s probably true]. Part of it was that I didn’t want some of my ‘friends’ to be privy to my life, my pix, my wit anymore but didn’t feel like unfriending them. [That would cause even more of the type of drama I am trying to avoid]. Here’s the rub: I still have stuff I want to write if only for myself. I want to document stories that my kids can enjoy some day. I want to express myself the way I used to. I will probably keep FB for a while longer if only to see pix of my family and share the same. But I think I’m going to go retro and return to the blog. Watch this space.


3 responses to “Retro

  1. But I think I’m going to go retro and return to the blog.

    but none of our common friends seem to have come back to their blogging – which is crazy odd to to me since they were so deeply into it and for a very long time – sharing some very personal stuff. i think some of that writing/expression was sucked up into facebook (i can only guess – maybe they have pulled back on that too).

  2. also – there’s a typo in the ‘about’ section on the hierarchy blog, did you write that up? i’ve completely forgotten how that place (that place being the bestest blog on the internet) came to be.

  3. they are pretty quiet on FB too. maybe they ran out of steam; maybe they didn’t have time in their busy lives to draft deep thoughts; maybe they think it’s passe. who knows.

    you should fix that typo – whatever it is. it sounds like me (esp the timbuktu ref).

    1/10/10 your response to hoda’s lament re: flickr access in the UAE: “i’m a bit surprised no one has figured out a way to side-step the flickr restrictions in the uae yet. we have to find another way to share photos – maybe a photoblog?”

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