Lazy Saturday

TP is attending his high school reunion and so I’m alone with the kids all weekend. I thought I would try to carve out some quiet time for myself in the morning to sustain me the rest of the hectic day [invited AP’s friend over for a playdate and then to the movies and froyo]. I started up Minecraft on the Xbox and while the kids were zombified, I made a cup of coffee, took out the newspaper, and started reading…

First page. Oh, right, the MoCo Agricultural Fair is on Sunday. Pig racing, face painting, fried foods. $10 entrance fee, $10 parking. My wallet is cleaned out. Need cash. I think AP has some in her tooth-fairy fund so I’ll take some from there. On my way to her room, I should pick up these random socks strewn around the bottom of the stairs. This jacket should be hung up too. Here’s AP’s room, what a mess. Let me just pick up these toys and throw them in the toy box before I look for the cash stash. Can’t find it. ZP’s room, then. I’ll just straighten out his bed and lay out his clothes really quickly. Uh oh, is this library book on his nightstand due soon? Better organize the books to separate those from our own books. Aha, cash on this bookshelf. Back to my lazy newspaper reading day. Wait, I should shower and change now while the kids are occupied. Shower. Change. Back downstairs. Playdate will start soon and I should clean up a bit first. Dust. Organize. Check email. Respond. Dishes. Laundry. Game over.  Where did my morning go?


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