Superb Blurb: The Thing Around Your Neck

The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Nothing better for beach or pool-side reading than a collection of short stories. The sun bakes out any cells that would attempt to read anything longer than a magazine article or short. TP picked up this book from the library during our vacation and I snatched it away from him as I hurled Morrisey’s “autobiography” at his head.

Aside from the book itself, I expressed great glee in finding the previous lender’s receipt hidden inside the book. Hope she enjoyed:

I think we could have been book buddies. But back to blurb business.

Kamara watched Josh slot in a Rugrats DVD and lie down on the couch, a slight child with olive skin and tangled curls. “Half-caste” was what they had called children like him back in Nigeria, and the word had meant an automatic cool, light-skinned good looks, trips abroad to visit white grandparents. Kamara had always resented the glamour of half-castes. But in American, “half-caste” was a bad word.


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