Superb Blurb: The Divorce Papers

The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger

Kinda loved this book. Not for everyone, but definitely for me: a lawyer eminently at ease with skimming through legalese and who had a single divorce case thrown at her even though her background was in environmental law; a lover of literary and movie quotes; a big fan of epistolary novels [bridget jones; griffin and sabine; visit from the goon squad; where’d you go, bernadette?].

This blurb in particular resonated with me (the criminal lawyer explaining why she’s not the best candidate for a divorce proceeding):

If, despite the clear and convincing evidence presented above, you persist in your request, I would ask for an ironclad dispensation from anything beyond the intake interview. I cannot do a divorce. I am not only ill equipped legally; I am ill equipped temperamentally… I don’t like client contact. I suspect it’s why I settled on criminal work. I like that most of my clients are in jail. They can’t get to me; I can only get to them. 


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