Friday Afternoon Music Jam: April March


9 responses to “Friday Afternoon Music Jam: April March

  1. that was kind of fun…

  2. this song and other surf tunes have been keeping me alert and awake enough to work these days. do you recognize the song?

  3. i think it’s the first time i’ve heard it – but it does have a familiar sound… like it could be from a tarantino flick.

  4. “Death Proof”! Also, “But I’m a Cheerleader” but not sure you’ve seen that.

  5. incidentally, i recently watched ‘once upon a time in the west’ and it was a treat, in part, because it quickly became apparent how much influence it had on the style of tarantino’s movies.

    i wish he’d make movies more often.

  6. I just saw that too! Well, ten minutes of it but I’d seen it before. Did you hear about the latest news re T’s movie and leaks?

  7. I interviewed Dick Dale, the king of surf guitar, once. Interviewing musicians, especially famous ones, is the worst. But I still dig his groovy tunes.

  8. No way! So cool! Dig his stuff. I try to separate the musician I don’t like from the music I like but it’s a delicate procedure. See: Morrisey, Courtney, other jerks who have goodly beats.

  9. whoa… so crazy re death proof, i must’ve missed your comment originally or was busy writing my 2nd one during your response.

    the cheerleader movie i can’t say rings any bells.

    did you get turned on to the song because of the movie?

    i did hear/read about the screenplay leak – and yah, i don’t blame him for being upset about it.

    interesting comments re musicians and their music.

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