Superb Blurb: Hyperbole and a Half

Love Allie Brosh’s stuff.  Have for years. Now I have her writings and atrocious drawingS in print. Love love love it. Here’s a blurb with which I most strongly identified. The scientist’s imaginary journal reads,

“An especially upsetting event occurred today: A garbage truck awakened the subject several hours before subject planned to be awake. Subject HATES garbage truck for what it has done. Hates it so much that had to get up and look at it. Stood at window looking at garbage truck and hating it.

[photo of subject angrily looking out the window: “wanted to SEE the garbage truck.”]

This behavior appears to be a sort of punishment. The subject dislikes the sound the garbage truck is making and is trying to hurt the garbage truck with its mind. This allows the subject to feel in control of the situation. Like justice is occurring.

[photo of subject even more angrily looking out the window: “subject attempting to punish garbage truck … The garbage truck does not appear to be affected.”]


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