2013 Bajira! Gift Guide: Fifth Anniversary Edition

Unless Gojira has received something from her prior wishlists which can be accessed here and there and everywhere, she is still on standby but sorta thanks the gov for the insurance she kinda asked for back in 2009. If you twist her arm, though, she’ll admit that she needs a clone and/or more hours in the day. Also, a new twist-proof arm.


Baji has been a good girl all year and should be appropriately feted for her herculean efforts in quelling the naughty and upping nice or at least holding her tongue. She notes that the traditional fifth anniversary gift is “wood” but suppresses her inner adolescent boy snickers at that word and instead takes the high road. Bajira! Gift Guide commence!

This coffee maker: Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 6.29.16 PMeven though she still adores and encourages everyone and their daughter to buy a Nespresso machine for its unfailingly perfect cuppa joe each and every time. So she really doesn’t need one but it’s lime green (would match camera) and down from $250 to $99 (hard to turn away from a sale)!

This book:Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 6.32.43 PMAudio book, to be precise. Even though Baji is the queen of canjoose and the paperback version is merely $7.79 and the audio version is a whopping $25.71, she loves the way David Mitchell bitches and hearing his voice is worth the bump in price.

Another saucy Scot to play the next Doctor. Ooh, done and dusted, kippers and custard!

This Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment to make my feet smooth and soft. This weekend, LB and I went for pedicures before our big days (vacation/baby-having) and the woman next to me was having her feet scraped with a cheese grater.  Not one of these cutely named, innocuously shaped ped eggs. One of these. Yikes.

This band to release a new album even if the news reports that they are broken up or nearly so. Come on, ladies!  Web cam it if need be! And with the dearth of good bands out there these days, it need be.

This kind of jacket with elbow patches for TP so he will be readily recognized as a tweedy professor instead of one of the riff-raff students taking his Refugee & Asylum Law classes. Pipe not mandatory but highly recommended for extra credit. Actually, just about anything list here will do.


Joss to make a The Taming of the Shrew production featuring Felicia Day as Kate, Alan Tudyk as Petruchio, Amy Acker as Bianca, Alexis Denisof as Lucentio, and the rest of the parts populated by the rest of the posse.


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