Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News

Now that I’m over 40 (nearing on 94 next year!), I figured I should probably get a physical and a family doctor. Dad has retired and I can no longer call him up and ask him for prescriptions willy nilly. So four years after I made the decision to get a physical, I finally went to see a doc. I KNEW the minute I did so, I’d have SOMETHING to get tested and retested. Latest: may have hypothyroidism (very likely, my mom has it and it would explain a few things)

May be pre-diabetic but borderline right now and the high number might be due to the thyroid (didn’t help that I had a giant chocolate cake and hot chocolate the day before the test).

May be anemic but the second blood test will show what’s what (first blood test had some off-the-chart-you-would-be-hospitalized-if-this-was-accurate results).

May be lacking in Vitamin D so am now starting to take pills every day (first time in my life. I feel so old.)

May have a heart murmur but might be due to the thyroid also (could also be the two espressos I treat myself to every day).

So if it’s the thyroid, I’ll start taking supplements (TWO pills a day! GAH!) and hopefully will have more energy, lose some weight, and be able to shoot rainbows out of my eyes. Meanwhile, if I’ve got to start taking pills, why uglify my bathroom counter with ungainly plastic bottles when I can do this:



4 responses to “Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News

  1. the story behind the bottle – give it.

  2. it’s such a lovely bottle and now it’s useful too – i used the lotion, rinsed out the bottle, dried it, and now am recycling it. i’m more likely to take my medicine if it comes in a pretty package. for the price i paid for that bottle, you better believe i’m going to wring out every last use of it i can(joose).

  3. don’t tell me it’s glass. it would be very cool if it were.
    if it’s plastic, is it like softer (bendable) or harder (glass like)?

    i thought maybe you picked up the lotion on a trip but it sounds like you maybe discovered it locally and got into it.

    re the link – body milk?


    lotion is lotion is lotion.


  4. it’s glass. purchased in italy when we discovered the historic pharmacy. for a long time, they had no stores in the US but now they not only have some here, there’s one in DC. this stuff is not just ‘lotion’. buss.

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