Monday Morning Comedy Jam: Tracey Ullman

Loved The Tracey Ullman Show not only for Tracey’s vast array of characters and accents and looks but for bringing us The Simpsons.  A friend was telling me about a concert he recently attended where “they played a f’ing saw!” which reminded me of this:


4 responses to “Monday Morning Comedy Jam: Tracey Ullman

  1. i enjoyed that more than i thought i would.

    here’s something i came across and enjoyed also…

  2. right? one can appreciate multi-talented acts.

    ha, saw him on ‘comedy bang bang’ with jon hamm and was cracking up. here is my post about him exactly one year ago:

  3. omg, just watched the clip – so funny!!! love over the toppedness!

  4. too bad i can’t see the video til later – but glad you liked the link!

    was thinking maybe the whole over the top canadian thing may not have connected since i didn’t know how much interaction you’ve had with them. i’ve always been super amused by these out of nowhere conversations i’ve had with canadians when visiting.

    weirdly enough – just yesterday i was asked by a coworker if i was from canada. it’s happened before a few times – i find this super strange/interesting… especially since i’ve never been on ice skates!

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