Superb Blurb: Mumbai New York Scranton: A Memoir

Mumbai New York Scranton: A Memoir by Tamara Shopsin

The whole book is composed of blurbs! Small, grainy photos and blurbs are all that hold this book together! A novelty of a novel (although I think Mo Willems did it better), it reminded me a bit of the Griffin & Sabine collection I fell in love with way back when. Spare words on a vast white space seem to be the thing these days. I liked her forthrightness in stating “I loved it” with great frequency and abandon. I also liked their idea of cutting and re-binding guidebooks before their trip. Best of all, of course, I like the rants.

We pass a sign that says ‘Triborough Bridge Renamed R.F.K. Bridge.’ I freak out. Why would the city rename a bridge everyone knows? The name isn’t even debatably offensive, like the Tomahawk Chop. Unless the city now finds logic ­offensive.

Hat tip: Zora


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