Friday Afternoon Music Jam: Earth, Wind & Fire

Twenty-five years ago this week, I was diligently studying and trying to avoid the many temptations surrounding me. I was a freshman in college, living away from home for the first time, and the new and exotic distractions were innumerable. Just as I turned away another offer for a backgammon marathon, a movie date, and a free concert in order to knuckle down and study for my Econ 101 quiz (tied with Econ 102 and Accounting as the worst grades I got in my entire history of higher education), I heard this song blasting from my Resident Adviser’s room which was right next to mine. He and his buddies were practicing for the upcoming talent show. At full volume. Out of his room, into mine, and then down the hall. I blame this song for the downfall of my otherwise stellar grade point average.

Thanks, Dave.  Thanks for nuthin’. Well, except those slick dance moves you taught the whole floor. Synchronized dancing still gets me every time.


2 responses to “Friday Afternoon Music Jam: Earth, Wind & Fire

  1. Every other time I’m in the grocery store, this song is playing (they have exceptionally good music at this one store), and everyone is kind of subtly, New-Yorkily-I-don’t-want-to-let-on grooving along. So I always imagine everyone gradually getting looser and wilder until we’re all dancing down the aisles together. Maybe you need to come to Astoria to teach some dance moves–pass on the wisdom, you know?

  2. yes! tp just returned from a quick trip to ny (clinton hill) but next time he goes or if i go on my own, i’ll pack my dancing shoes.

    ps – thought of you the other day b/c i just got my ‘Mumbai New York Scranton’ book from the library and am tearing through it now!

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