A Month of Thankfulness

This Ramadan, I updated my Facebook status with something I was thankful for every day. It was a good, peaceful exercise that helped me remember the important (and less important in the grand scheme of things but still appreciated) things in my life. I tried not to duplicate my once-an-hour Thanksgiving 2012 thankfulness updates (which included things like “Joss Whedon,” “public libraries,” “wasabi and soy sauce,” “good cannolis,” and “you” but which I can’t access anymore). So to keep it handy for the next time I’m gloomy, here they are in one place:

  1. my family
  2. tolerance in all its different flavors
  3. flexible hours and getting to work from home
  4. caffeine
  5. the opportunities and ability to host guests from far and wide, overnight or otherwise
  6. tp. Happy birthday!
  7. every time she can walk down the street free of suggestion the times she had with the dearly departed
  8. sleep, initial and going back to
  9. homegrown fruits and veggies and, now, honey!
  10. summer camp
  11. vitamin “c”: carbs, cheese, coffee, chocolate
  12. closure
  13. foolproof recipes
  14. free concerts
  15. books: hardcover, paperback, electronic, audio, comic, note, board,
  16. picture, pop-up, interactive, bought, borrowed, used
  17. the sweet spot (when your kids are old enough to xyz but still young enough to abc)
  18. sunny, 80s temp, 50s dew point days
  19. peace, love, and understanding
  20. drama-free relationships
  21. humility
  22. the opportunity to give charity. zakat reminder 2013.
  23. the homestretch
  24. that she was able to spend her second july ramadan with nani and babu
  25. inside jokes and the people who get them
  26. respites
  27. brunch. This whole “breakfast” thing never really caught on for me. Looking forward to a possible double happiness moment next Sunday: brunch and nap/sleeping in
  28. the reminder that life is short. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un
  29. travel plans
  30. comedy, scrabble, subtitles, subtexts, good cafes, blood orange soda, root beer floats and fries, limonata, people who enjoy my cooking, people who cook for me, mental and physical health, wealth, happiness, photography, t-shirts, warm sweaters, salted caramel, jasmine flowers woven into bracelets, henna, GPS, ipads, pads with wings, a heated bucky, breaking bad, the wire, sherlock, colbert, proper grammar, Scottish accents, sci fi, romance, mystery, benign tumors, distance, freedom of speech, freedom from stupidity, my parents choices, gelato, public libraries, sustained electricity, potable water, meds, good children with bright futures, and so much more


thankful for being able to swipe friends’ entries too!

sassy women and gallant men and children that are seen but not heard; antibiotics and antihistamines; toothpaste and deodorant; pasta and sushi and haleem; massages and scrubs and waxes; Dr. Who and Coke Studio; glass bangles; WiFi and smart Apps; crisp cool days and warm sultry nights; dishwashers and washing machines; Eatzi’s; yoga and salsa; dogs and horses; planes, trains and automobiles; museums and botanic gardens; French love songs and Urdu ghazals; Italian men; US citizenship; being who I am, warts and all. [hat tip: saadia]

popcorn with real butter. comfy pajamas. a husband who tolerates books piled on every surface of the house, and a kid who cheerfully contributes to the problem. free museums. steak frites. people and places with rich histories. the ability to tolerate lactose. waterproof mascara (being blonde with two different colored eyelashes, this should probably be at the top of the list!). family who are, admittedly, a tad nutty, but they’re my nuts, and I’ll defend them to the death, and they’d do the same for me. dry British wit. dark Italian coffee. dark Swiss chocolate. Earl Grey. cute comfy flats. modern medicine. Netflix streaming. a decided lack of trumped-up drama in my life. homemade pasta. warm, generous in-laws. walkable neighborhoods. a job I love that also allows me to enjoy other pursuits and people I love. friends who don’t mind that my house is a tad cramped and cluttered, as long as there’s food and drink and good conversation. and, of course, food and drink and good conversation. [hat tip: jill]

Eid Mubarak, All Y’all!


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