It’s Like That

You know how you have a (romance) book on your nightstand, one (historical fiction) by the couch, another (sci-fi) on your e-reader, and a spare (comedy) in the car and you are reading them all at the same time (not literally simultaneously but piecemeal throughout the day) and you learn how to stop on a dime and smoothly shift gears to keep up without having to backtrack to remember what was going on before? Just saw Cloud Atlas. It’s like that.


5 responses to “It’s Like That

  1. i have enough trouble trying to finish off one book at a time (reading in parallel rather than serially says something about the reader).

    i should be getting *kick ass* sometime next week if i’m lucky.

  2. it says they are awesome is what.

    the first or the second? second one comes out in movie form soon!

  3. yah, i recently heard about the 2nd one and than remembered your take on the first one. so i’m hoping to see them in order.

    i’m a bit excited – mostly because i’m pretty much a blank-slate with regards to knowledge of the story/characters. not many super-hero type movies that have that going for them.

  4. let me know what you think.

  5. i liked the premise and the plot was decent – it was potentially a very good movie. the level of violence and gun culture, the language and general adult nature added nothing to the movie – i’d argue it has the opposite effect.

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