Humble Brag

I have so many followers on Facegram and Tweeter and Google Ultra Plus that I feel embarrassed sharing this bit of professional praise on those forums and so will use WordPress as my outlet for bragging since only three of you will see this.

Dear Baji,

As I review examination results for last quarter, I see that once again you stand out as one of our very best Trademark Examining Attorneys.  As was the case in the first quarter, your quality, customer service and  production are all terrific.

Thank you for continuing to do a great job and for making the Trademarks organization shine.  I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing summer!

Best regards,

Commissioner for Trademarks

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


6 responses to “Humble Brag

  1. the Commissioner for Trademarks calls you baji?

  2. everybody calls me baji.

  3. And the Commissioner hasn’t even tried your homegrown salsa. Had she, she would surely have mentioned that as well. Wait. Is the Commissioner a guy? I just assumed it was a chick.

    Great review of your awesomeness!

  4. we’ve planted our ‘maters and peppers and hope to call you over for some more salsa this summer!

    she’s totally a chick! good call. and thanks!

  5. Baji, you’re amazing. I always knew it! Probably even before The Commissioner knew it! Lovelovelove and HIGHFIVE to you!

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