Superb Blurb: Heads in Beds

Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality
by Jacob Tomsky

Although chock full of clever witticisms, helpful tactics, and stark (and often pretty disgusting) observations, as a tribute to the ”comeuppance” tag and “cantankerousness” theme of the blog, here’s the Superb Blurb from this book:

Threatening a front desk agent gets you nowhere. Well, that’s not true. It gets you into a worse room. I have broken blocks, taken rooms from people who even pre-reged into a gorgeous room just because their attitude was off. They never even knew they were originally set to see Central Park in one of the corner rooms with the big bathroom. I took it from them just because they yelled at their wife and manhandled her elbow in a way I didn’t appreciate.

It might not be pretty but it’s important we cover this topic. Because that’s just the beginning of the ways I can and will punish guests. I am a god of instant karma. Instant. No waiting for it to kick in. No four to six weeks for delivery. If a guest makes a racist comment about a cab driver the backlash comes now. If some ignorant guest thinks it’s at all appropriate to make homophobic comments to anyone around me, much less directly to me, I dispense justice: Harsh. Instantaneous. Justice.


3 responses to “Superb Blurb: Heads in Beds

  1. Oh! I really enjoyed this book. Even though I totally forgot I read it until now. Thanks for reminding me. It was good and juicy–and made me glad there are still ways of meting out instant karma. Thank goodness for the service industry!

  2. funny thing is i was thinking about you guys when i was reading it b/c i thought to myself, ‘i really like well-written insider perspective books like ‘kitchen confid’ and ‘cop in the hood”! have you read ‘waiter rant’? now considering that and/or ‘devil wears prada’.

  3. I haven’t read Waiter Rant–did he make it into a book? I remember the blog from way back. I will check it out!

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