Lights out. A-ha. Blast, blast, blast.

[aside (already?): I always thought the lyrics were “Lights out. Uh huh. Dance, dance, dance.”]

Where was I? Oh, yes. The snow storm that hit our area was infinite shades milder than the blizzards of two and four years ago. Nonetheless, I prepped myself and the house for the high likelihood of losing power. In DC, we had underground power lines that left us snug as a bug in an electric blanket year after year. In MD, I find that a stiff breeze is just as likely to knock out our power as a hurricane is. Run down of my list for those in need.

  • Fill up the water bottles, ice trays, and Britta® jugs. Last summer, the waste water filtration system in the area lost power and clean water was being carefully used and monitored. On a trip to Florida one year, we had no water and had to purchase it from Home Depot® just to drink, do dishes, wash ourselves, and flush the toilet. It didn’t happen this time but better prepared than sitting around stinky-breathed. Fill Ziploc® bags (tightly zipped) with water and fill the freezer with them. The fuller the freezer, the longer it will stay colder and you can melt the ice for water later.
  • Place all flashlights, candles, matches, and batteries in a central location. This house is big and you don’t want to be stumbling up and down the many sets of stairs to flick a Bic®.
  • Shower, do laundry, wash dishes as early as you can.
  • Stock up on bread, cheese, cracker, and shelf-safe milk. Horizon® is a fave.
  • Charge all iProducts®, portable DVD players, and phones. Speaking of phones, keep Pepco’s phone number in your address book so you can call to report the outage.
  • Make a Thermos®-full of coffee and keep in the fridge for the next morning. A shot of caffeine makes the difference between tolerable adventure and blinding headache madness.
  • Cook as much of the expensive frozen stuff in the freezer; eat all the ice cream. Not as urgent when the storm is in the winter but when it’s 100+ degrees outside, do it!
  • Apparently, it’s best to keep non-cotton close to your body if you are in the snow. Silk or polyester undies and leggings are recommended and for kids, bathing suits under their clothes.
  • Remember that with no power comes no responsibility.

4 responses to “Lights out. A-ha. Blast, blast, blast.

  1. I like how you got the circle around that R, it’s nifty.

  2. *pulls suspender straps*
    that’s mah job.

  3. Clicking “like” all over the page here, from sensible advice to jokes to virtual suspenders. Why have I never realized that with no power comes no responsibility? My whole outlook on life is changed.

  4. happy to hear it! the power thing is totally true. for example, lunch today included hot chocolate, brie and baguettes, and cupcakes. (although, i did cheat b/c we never lost power after all; let’s call it preemptive gorging). hope you guys stayed warm and dry!

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