In Which LB Speaks! Well, is Featured Anyway

Sunday 12.23.12 travelogue – LB (as I would imagine)

Even though I have been very disciplined with my 30-Day Shred (well, 3 Days anyway) and watching what I eat so I can stay nice and trim, I took Baji up on her offer to treat us to Daylight Doughnuts in the pre-daylight hours. Worth it. When the rest of the family and the sun finally rose, we spent the day driving from one beautiful location to the next.  Our stop at Wailua Falls gave us a chance to see the falls cascade from the ground rather than high above in the helicopter. The Kilauea Lighthouse, on the northernmost tip of the island, was the perfect place to go whale-watching from the shore thanks to the free (after you pay the $5 entrance fee) binoculars scattered through the park – just had to watch where you stepped (the nene geese left little presents all over) and what might have latched on to your clothes (some kind of ladybug-looking but stinkbug-acting bugs kept clinging to our shirts).

IMG_0894 IMG_0895 IMG_0899 IMG_0908

For lunch, we stopped at Hanalei Pizza for the. most. amazing. pizza.  Made fresh, the pizza took forever to arrive but when it did, we all swooned. The crust was made with coconut water and cornmeal and brushed with garlic butter. The toppings were flavorful and gooey but not overwhelming or soggy. Love.

IMG_0913 IMG_0912

North Shore of Kauai, Hanalei Bay afforded us the ability to let the kids wade and waddle in the tidal pool as well as allowed us to OH MY GOD IT’S GABRIELLE REECE!  So, wait, if she’s here … OH MY MORE GOD IT’S ALSO LAIRD HAMILTON! BODY SURFING RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!  My mother-in-law had been strolling along the shore and saw a boogie board floating alone.  Always the good Samaritan, she tried to return it to the person she thought it belonged to but LAIRD HAMILTON DOESN’T NEED A BOOGIE BOARD!  He took the board and tossed it over the waves to the rightful owner as she made her way back to us, none the wiser of her brush with fame.

Saw a cave, saw another beach, saw some more coastlines, but didn’t see any other celebs (other than the one I see in the mirror every day). The grandparents volunteered to watch the kids that night so we could have a double-date-night out.  Alas, Sunday night before Christmas was not teeming with opportunities.  After two or three failed attempts to find an open restaurant, we discovered that Sushi Katsu was open. Our 5:30 dinner plans ended up with us standing in line at 7:00 and not being served until 8:30 because there’s only ONE guy making the sushi for everyone: Chef Katsu himself.  The wait was unbearable but the sushi was tremendous.  Buttery-soft, clean, fresh slices, utterly delicious.  I just wished I had time enough to savor it because by the time it arrived, I ravenously wolfed it down and was suddenly faced with an empty plate.  Sadness. Would loved to have come back another time but with the holiday hours, this was our only chance and I’m glad we took it.

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 4.41.29 PM


2 responses to “In Which LB Speaks! Well, is Featured Anyway

  1. Cliff, tower and the food. Seems like you had an amazing trip! 🙂

  2. thanks, we did! i’d imagine you’d be hard pressed to have a bad time in such a beautiful place.

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