In Which TP Speaks! Well, Edits Anyway.

Saturday 12.22.12 travelogue – TP

Woke up to find myself sharing the plush king-sized bed with AP who clambered from her pile of blankets on the floor to settle herself next to me.  I didn’t feel it was decent to go out while it was still pitch black but Baji had other ideas and was long gone. Left to my own devices, when the kids finally made me turn the lights on, I switched the digital babysitter on (Nick Jr.), brewed some Kauai coffee in the bathroom (in a coffee pot, don’t worry), and caught up with the news online.

After the sun came up, we breakfasted and killed time waiting for the Kauai Plantation Railway to open. We took a short little jaunt through the ex-sugar plantation which now features many varieties of fruit trees. I wished we could have hiked through the orchard to taste them but didn’t want to pay the $75 fee to do so. The kids were very excited to get off the train to feed bagels to fenced-in dirty feral pigs and mountain goats. A mutant rooster with a humming bird beak tried to muscle in. As one reviewer accurately described it, the ride was “semi-enjoyable for adults”.

IMG_0868 IMG_0867 IMG_0874

We had lunch at Tiki Taco and I was unsure how anyone could mess up Mexican. Long wait and not good food. At least the Thai place we went to the night before had okay food even if the waitress was dour.  If we had a kitchen, I could just cook what I wanted as I did in Barcelona – good times. We drove along the coast to take the kids to a combo beachfront and playground spot at Lydgate Beach Park before returning to the resort for more beach and pool time. The water was really much too cold to swim in but Aunty C volunteered to take AP swimming so that we could just sit on the lounge chair and relax while ZP occupied himself in the kiddie pool.

In the late afternoon (i.e., supper time), Baji and I went in search of poke and found Fish Express down the street.  Alas, the poke was unavailable just as they were about to close so she grabbed some ahi tuna sushi and ate it in the car as I drowned my sorrows in some taro pie from McDonalds. Pretty darn good, filled with sweet purple stuff.  Worth it to break my “no wheat” diet. Needing a bit more dinner than that, we met up with LB, KG, BSG, and Aunty C at Kalapaki Beach Hut for some burgers and taro fries.


Pretty island. Big waves. Roads were really good. The next day, we found a good spot for whale watching from the shore (which helps avoid the nausea guaranteed by boats) but that’s someone else’s turn.


2 responses to “In Which TP Speaks! Well, Edits Anyway.

  1. The animals are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    – Jonathan I

  2. springtime may be even better for cute animal viewing. 🙂

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