Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

IMG_0722Because he was in Kauai and there are like a million billion of them crossing every road!

Thursday, 12.20.12 travelogue – ZP

I had no idea where I was, what was going on, or what day it was. My mom told me it was daytime but the only light I saw was the glow from her iPad while she read an ebook in the dark. My diet of Goldfish crackers, granola bars, and SunChips finally wore me out. My family met up at the post-lobby cafe for coffee and croissants and while we waited for a table at the Kukui’s on Kalapaki Beach, we wandered down to the beach which was just across the sidewalk!  We didn’t see it in the dark but it turns out that our room had a perfect view of the shore. When second breakfast was ready, I wolfed down my waffles and then checked out the multiple pools and the beach with Aunty C while everyone else lingered over their food.

At 9a.m., we went to watch and feed the koi at the pond in front of the lobby.  IMG_0711They went crazy for the first batch and then tried to crawl out of the water and onto the steps for the rest.  Nearby, there was a cockatoo that looked suspiciously like Nigel who started out nice (“pretty bird!”) but then screamed so loudly and spun around on his perch so violently that poor BSG cried.  I don’t blame him.

Things in Hawaii are expensive so one group went to Walmart to take advantage of cheaper prices and fridges in the rooms IMG_0727while another group (me, AP, Nani, and Babu) explored a bit and then watched many a Hawaiian-themed Spongebob episode on TV. Shockingly, there were no fruit vendors on the streets and Walmart had no produce section so we worked on our activity books and ran around on the beach while my parents drove along the coast of the island to pick up yet more groceries from Safeway and enjoy some “quiet time” whatever that is.

It was great running around in shorts and a t-shirt. I had a great weight lifted from my shoulders – literally.  Those winter clothes are heavy! And you really don’t want to get your pants wet on the beach as Babu learned to his regret as he lurched into the ocean to rescue AP from a massive wave. Good thing Nani had her versatile scarf that wrapped nicely around AP for full coverage as we shivered our way back to the outdoor shower to wash up before we warmed up in the hot tub, cooled off in the kiddie pool replete with a water slide and shallow, supremely shallow, and puddle ends, and warmed back up in the hot tub.

I tried to stay awake, I really did.  AP started staggering and listing on the walk to dinner at Duke‘s downstairs. She looked like a tiny drunkard.  My dad carried her back to the room while the rest of us sat at a big table in the corner.  BSG was wide awake and had smiles for everyone but he took a nice long nap in the afternoon so it’s no wonder he was full of energy.  The rest of us were making a valiant effort to keep our faces off of the table but I finally gave up. My mom walked me back to the room and promised that for breakfast, I could have the chicken fingers and tropical punch I had ordered. She went back for her dinner and I hear that the meal was greatly enjoyed by all of the adults and BSG (who had all six adults lavishing attention on him). My first day in Kauai was capped off very satisfyingly with me getting all of my dad’s attention, woozy was it was, while AP snored away on the other end of the room.


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