Aloha, Kauai

Travelogue through the eyes of various family members so you can have a taste of the trip via different age groups, personalities, and jetlaggedness

Wednesday, 12.19.12 – AP

I was so ecstatic about our trip to Hawaii that I woke up bright and early and ran around outside in the yard while my parents packed clothes, food, and activities for me and ZP. It was super cold but my excitement kept me warm. I knew I had to get as much running in as possible because I was going to spend the next hour strapped into a car seat, the next six hours strapped to an airplane seat from DC to LA, a bit of running around in LAX but not nearly enough, and the next six or so hours after that strapped to another airplane seat from LAX to Kauai. By the time we arrived, I had run through all of my books, eaten copious amounts of M&Ms (dark chocolate AND peanut butter), admired the view of the Rocky Mountains from above, and snoozed.  I helped take care of BSG, played the new (free) games on the ipop, and even convinced my mom that I could have gum just this once because my ears were popping.  Note to self: use this excuse any time we board a plane and try it when entering a car as well.  Really any kind of transportation can be an excuse.

It was 3a.m. EST when we arrived but I tried to adjust to the 9p.m. Hawaiian time immediately by staying wide awake while we waited for our luggage (we all traveled lightly with backpacks and rollies only but we had to check in our booster seats), got our rental cars, and drove to the resort a few miles away. I was so distracted by the koi pond in the lobby, the sound of the ocean from our balcony, and the tiny soaps in the bathroom that I didn’t mind at all that ZP got to sleep in a rollaway bed while I had to rough it on the floor with several blankets underneath serving as a pallet. Good thing I only weigh a little over 30lbs so my young bones and featherweight limber body can take it. I couldn’t wait to start the day officially and finally slept with promises of ‘the beach’ and ‘smiley face pancakes’ and ‘swimming pools’ dancing in my head.


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