Superb Blurb: Gone Girl

Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn

One from each of the main characters:


I suppose I had her stereotyped – that a girl who posts updates on her life five times a day for anyone to see would have no real understanding of what a secret it. She’s made occasional grazing mentions of my husband online:

Saw Mr. Hunky today.
(Oh, do tell!)
(When do we get to meet this stud?)
(Bridget likes this!)

A kiss from a dreamy guy makes everything better.
(Too true!)
(When do we get to meet Dreamy?)
(Bridget likes this!)

But she’s been surprisingly discreet for a girl of her generation.


It was Hannibal, Missouri, boyhood home of Mark Twain, where I’d worked summers growing up, where I’d wandered the town dressed as Huck Finn, in an old straw hat and faux-ragged pants, smiling scampishly while urging people to visit the Ice Cream Shoppe. It was one of those stories you dine out on, at least in New York, because no one else could match it. No one could ever say: Oh yeah, me too.


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