Shawarma on the Brain

Well, the eye anyway.  Went to visit my neuro-ophalmologist today: super friendly guy with a super friendly staff, a puff ball of a dog in the waiting room, and actual floppy discs because the peripheral vision machine he uses would have cost $5000 more if he got it with a CD burner. When I complimented his tie during the “look at my left ear, look up, look down” test, he exclaimed, “thanks! I got it on sale! I refuse to pay $80 for a strip of cloth that can’t cost more than $10.” Canjoose doctor after my own heart!

Anyway, after checking my eyes and the MRI, it turns out I have an itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie yellow polka dot shawarma on top of my left eye ball.  My vision is good, I don’t have any headaches, and it doesn’t cause me any pain.  Prognosis: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I concur.

So now I have my leg surgery scheduled for the end of January.  If you are looking for me then, check the ground floor of ANYWHERE.


4 responses to “Shawarma on the Brain

  1. this is good news right? sounds like it is.

    you’ve got an entire category of posts dedicated to canjoose. too funny.


  2. it IS good news in that it’s not a huge deal but it’s something that needs to be observed for now. i’m just glad it’s not going to get in the way of my hawaii trip!

    yr only just now noticing that? 😉

  3. yay for the not being a huge deal.

    and yay for $10 ties.


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