2012 Bajira! Gift Guide – Now Half Off!

Gojira is so content with her glam life in Los Angeles that she cannot even fathom what paltry merchandise could make it better.  Perhaps one day, while soaking up the warmth and beauty around her on her balcony, she may have wistfully wished for more hours in the day but guess what: Daylight Savings Time just fulfilled her wish so she gets nothing and she’ll like it! Baji, on the other hand, has a few ideas for her gift guide.

This shirt! I held a FB poll for two ideas I had come up with: “Keep Calm and Curry On” and “Keep Calm and Carry Paan”. The results were evenly divided and I considered creating one of each but then saw that someone else came up with the Curry On version and why reinvent the wheel?


This foot lotion! Or this one.  Both favorites. Both badly needed.  I know I should wear slippers around the house but I’m a southern/desi girl at heart and am too used to bare feet to change my ways now.

A paint job for our house! I am not a fan of the lilac and mulberry combo we inherited but it’s hard to think of some other colors that would complement the lilac and mulberry plants and flowers surrounding the house. Still. I’m thinking that the sides of the house could hearken the energy and madness conveyed by the jingle trucks. Yes, yes?

We have a lovely backyard which has been a prime spot for our badminton games all summer long but what are we to do when Ferragosto rolls around next summer? Bocce Ball Set! The hipsters in DC have already started up some leagues but we were playing Bocce Ball long before they were – in West Virginia no less. Wait, does that make me a fuddy duddy or even worse of a hipster than those hipsters? Don’t answer that.

For Gojira, in particular, and everyone else, in general, to read this book. Stay tuned for the “128-word recommendation” or “superb blurb” gushing and drooling over it. Seriously. I should be embarrassed by how much I’m going to lavish praise on this book but I’m not.  I’m just angry that I had not been introduced to it before.


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