Meth Math

I’m only half way through Season Two but by my calculations:

Breaking Bad = (Dexter ÷ Silence of the Lambs) + (Fargo x No Country for Old Men).


3 responses to “Meth Math

  1. does that still hold true?

    ‘a simple plan’ kept coming up for me.

  2. help me see it – i’m not getting it. i’ve seen all mentioned, but it’s not quite adding up for me.

    dexter – serial killer who kills serial killers (mainly) – in awesome weather.
    silence of the lambs – hunting a serial killer (with the aid of a serial killer) in okay weather.
    fargo – heist gone terribly bad, in yucky winter weather.
    no country for old men – scary hit man chasing drug money found by cowboy. cop with good intentions always a step behind. in what seems to be overall pleasant weather.

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