Mystery Date!

TP is taking me out for my birthday.  And by “birthday” I mean “a month before my birthday” and by “out” I mean “wayyy out”.  I’m not sure where but I have the following clues:

  • It’s some place we need to fly to.  I badgered him with “it’s Baltimore, right?  Come on.  We’re just going to Baltimore. Say it.” until he relented in his tight-lippedness and admitted that we would be going somewhere farther than that.  My next guess was Philly but when we had to make arrangements for a rental car for my parents who would be babysitting the kids, he further conceded that we would not need a rental car for them because they’ll use our car while we fly.
  • It’s some place warm.  When we were planning our trip to New Orleans, the third runners up/runner ups were (a) Vancouver which is not “warm”, (b) Paris which is not the answer because I was told I did not need my passport, and (c) Savannah which is not the answer because I asked him point blank whether we were going to Savannah. That leaves pretty much the rest of the hemisphere and points south.
  • It’s not Cali to visit Gojira because we are flying out on Friday and returning on Sunday which would pretty much mean we’d only have about eight minutes to spend with her after arrival and before whipping back around again. Plus, I’m not even sure if she is in Cali these days.
  • It’s not the Caribbean, Italy, Japan, England, etc. because see above re: passport and time constraints.

Any guesses?


13 responses to “Mystery Date!

  1. i was going to contradict you b/c we are planning a trip to FL in december but now that i think about it, you may be right!!! no, wait. my mom doesn’t know and he’d need to discuss it with her in advance re: keys and codes and such. unless we are not going to stay at their house which is crazy b/c we are canjoose and would never turn down a free place to stay. unless we are going somewhere ELSE in florida like miami! i’ll keep you posted!

  2. whoa… i was going to be specific and say miami, but thought i’d increase my chances by saying florida.

    i liked miami – lots.

  3. mainly because of all the scooters around…

  4. re: 2nd bullet point (a), isn’t everywhere in the northern hemisphere “warm” in august? although you can still rule out vancouver on the grounds of (b) because these days you need your passport to fly to canada

    have you considered that he might be trying to mislead you with the flight thing. i mean, maybe you are flying to o’hare, switching planes, and then coming back to philly?

  5. hsh – not miami. or so he says along with, ‘i’m not lying!’ when i gave him a side-long glance.

    jrm – no, your definition of ‘warm’ is not my definition of ‘warm’. i like your convoluted way of thinking but you forget how canjoose we are and i don’t think he’d pay for flights when we can drive. my next thought was chicago but he nixed that too.

    i did get another clue yesterday though: we need to connect.

  6. Today’s clue: there’s a Starbucks in the hotel we’ll be staying in.

  7. yes, in august – most places are warm. i was thinking south of DC – but warm could mean nearly anywhere.

    my guess is that it’s a spot not visited before. the starbucks thing – not much a clue re city me thinks.

  8. more clues! “the weather is the same as here” and “we are renting a car” means not any city with a good metro system.

  9. last night’s clue gave it away:
    “what should i pack?”
    “bring walking shoes.”
    “ah, somewhere we are going to walk a lot?”
    “yeah, haven’t walked around there in a long time.”
    deduction: st. louis
    confirmation: “are we going to st. louis?”

  10. hahaha Baji, i love how you managed to badger all the clues out of TP!

  11. i forgot how sentimagical he was and probably would have figured it out sooner if i had put myself in his mindset. 🙂

  12. I am the worst for only reading this now but I would like to belatedly register my displeasure with point 3. Please inform TP that all trips henceforth shall result in you being in my apartment. Thank you for your cooperation.

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