On the drive to North Carolina, I passed by an enormous electronic billboard with the following message emblazoned across the screen:


I actually had to pause for a moment to figure out if the sign was encouraging or discouraging the support of voters.

[Aside – I started to feel a twinge of guilt in writing this post in my in-laws basement until I remembered that my wedding picture is on the same shelf as a book by Pat Robertson and that “publish” button couldn’t have been hit fast enough]


2 responses to “Stumper

  1. I also support gay marriage. But I’m against the other kind of marriage. I think marriage should only be for gay people.

    And I also support abortions. Not like, you know, I don’t encourage abortions where they otherwise wouldn’t happen. I’m just saying, I’m both pro-life and pro-choice.

    And I definitely support the rights for gay married couples to have abortions.

  2. i am also pro-life and pro-choice and pro-marriage and pro-divorce and pro-everybodyeverything.

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