What’s In A Name Redux

Back in 2009, I wrote a post about the crazy popular/crazy names that parents saddled their kids with those days.  Now it’s 2012 and ZP has one “Nile,” one “Caleb,” one “Ji,” one “Sabrina,” and one “Ariel”. Meanwhile, AP has reported becoming camp friends with one “Mackenzie,” one “Brooke,” and one “Delaney”   I am having severe Toddlers and Tiaras nightmares as a result.

Update: Coltrane was a girl.


4 responses to “What’s In A Name Redux

  1. How is ji pronounced. As an aside, I know this older punjabi guy at work, he calls everyone under 40 (male/female) *puth-er*. I don’t think he realizes no one knows what he’s talking about, it’s like hard wired.
    I get a huge kick by it, huge.

  2. i think it’s “jee” as in “jeep”

    who wouldn’t love to be called puther on a regular basis?! in fact, i demand you refer to me as such from here on out since you refuse to call me ‘baji’.

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