Coming Soon: A Theater Near You

Make that TWO theaters: AFI Silver Theater for when we feel snooty and Regal Majestic Stadium for when we feel low-brow.  Both of which we might actually frequent more than once a year since my parents will be staying with us for longer stretches of time.  We’ll have farmers’ markets and craft fairs in the summer and an ice skating rink in the winter.  The garden is phenomenal and the previous owners went ahead and started up some herbs for us already.  They also sold us their already-installed fancy-pants stereo system along with their treadmill, lawn mower, and a large office desk, chair, and mat. After several hours of signing a multitude of pages, I now hold the keys to our brand new (recall: 1890s) house in Silver Spring. Visiting dates are already filling up (parents and grandfather coming in mid-June to mid-July; TP’s sister and family at the end of July; Sars in August) so reserve your space now!


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