Conversations at The Diner

Dude: “Your float makes me jealous.”
Me (inadvertently encouragingly): “It’s really good!”
Dude: “I like the way you drink it.”
Me: (not quite understanding what that meant) “You should get it next time.”

[he leaves to pay his bill but quickly returns]

Dude: “When are you coming here again?”
Me (getting an inkling where this is going now): “Not sure, I’m moving to Maryland.”
Dude: “Silver Spring?”
Me (too enthusiastically): “Yes!”
Dude: “I’m from Virgina.”
Me: (trying to turn back to my book now) “Oh.”
Dude: “So we will meet here, okay?”
Me: (finally getting it) “Uh.”
Dude: “What’s you number?”
Me: “HAHAHAHA!¬† (gasp) Hahahahaha, ohhhh. That’s good. That’s nice. Have a good day.”


4 responses to “Conversations at The Diner

  1. Maybe he’d have gotten the message if you pointed your book (cover) at him.

  2. NOW you tell me.

    one time, on the metro, some dude was trying to talk to me and i just raised my finger to my lips, said, ‘shhhh,’ pointed to my book and kept on reading. he got off at the next stop.

  3. Yes, but did that book have a gun on the cover?

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