New Orleans: Day Four

After our usual morning routine of cafe au lait at CDM, we went through our various breakfast options. As much as I wanted to try out Domilise and to avoid getting shunned by my NOLA guru, I also wanted to relax and so just sauntered over to Camellia’s for some cheese grits and hash browns.  The cheese grits were served with a slice of cheese on top (WHAT?!  interro-unacceptable.  TP, make these for me immediately if not sooner) and were edible but not what I expected.  The hash browns were perfect and just what I wanted (sometimes, maybe just in DC, they tout these cubes of potatoes as “hash browns” (when it should be “home fries“) and enrage me).

hash browns done right.

After breakfast, we sat at the river with our last au laits before returning to the hotel to pack and check out. For someone so lackadaisical when it came to check-in time, the clerk was pretty strict about check-out time, 11:00am. We left our bags with the bellhop and, craving that green tomato pie, hopped onto the ferry to Algiers for pre-lunch dessert.

ferry with a view

Not at all hungry but aware that our next meal would not be until 9pm that night, we decided on some light fare at Muriel’s because it was close to our hotel and we loved the food the first time. Second time did not disappoint.

grilled vegetable plate sounded light and healthy...

We lugged our bellies back to the hotel, bundled ourselves and our bags into a cab, and $33 later, arrived at the airport. Before we knew it, we were back in DC: brisk weather, empty streets, home in “The City That Sleeps“.


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