Drama City

My stomach hurts.  I’ve been an insomniac for weeks. I’ve managed to find a diet-and-exercise-free way to lose weight.  We are in the process of taking the first baby steps towards finalizing the preliminary paperwork required to buy a new (old, like 1890s old) house. In Maryland. I KNOW! I’ve lived in DC for nigh on sixteen years (my residency here is old enough to get a driver’s license! Just like Cressie!). Hindsight reveals that if I had bought a place like my father suggested, my $100,000 investment would now be in the millions.  Well, one million at least. To his credit, my father never sang the “told you so” song.

I’ve lived in Mount Pleasant (when it seemed overrun by hippies), Columbia Heights (where our neighbors were crack dealers), and Adams Morgan over the last decade and a half. I had my first post-law-school job here when I started as an associate at a miniscule (sorry, “boutique”) law firm downtown and eventually became a partner. I lived through the numerous sweltering summers the city is famous for, two-too-many blizzards, and an earthquake. I was here before, during, and after 9/11 and the Beltway Sniper days.  I remember the Tik Tok Easy Shop. I remember the cicadas. I remember when it was just called “National Airport”. I know about “J” street, Fort Reno, and when Rock Creek Parkway becomes a one-way street. I used to be able to walk to the Black Cat, the 9:30 Club, and the Velvet Lounge from my house. I used to be able to walk to the zoo (aw, Butterstick!), the Smithsonian museums, and a panoply of eateries (Tryst! Super Taco! Illy Cafe!) from my house. When I wasn’t walking, I used to be able to navigate the metro with my eyes shut and parallel park in the tiniest of spaces with one arm tied behind my back. But soon, assuming the home inspection and the loan and the closing run smoothly, DC will be mine no more.

It is with bittersweet memories and tangy trepidation that I am packing up my DC life and preparing to move to a state that has jousting as the official state sport, zombie walks, and taxation AND representation (although, if something like this goes through, I could have both DC and MD – two great tastes that taste great together!).  Wish us luck, folks!



4 responses to “Drama City

  1. While I think you will be sad to leave DC, you’ll be happy to stretch out yer legs in Maryland, and let the kids roam free 🙂

  2. look at the bright side, you are moving (ever so slightly) closer to me.

  3. hjm – thx, i hope so. but not TOO free. don’t want to scare the neighbors. yet.

    up – good point! that way you will have a shorter travel time when you come visit us!

  4. Good luck with your move! It’s a tough world out there. I work with JD Match, a company striving to add some much needed sanity to the recruiting process. If you know someone in law school send them this link and give a fellow law student a leg up. http://bit.ly/HVVhcu

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