In Which Baji is Spring Cleaning and Finding Things of Interest

  • Old CDs with ticket stubs lovingly preserved inside the jewel case to show that, yes, once upon a time, Mommy was cool and saw cool bands
  • A machete
  • Paperback books by the boxload with bittersweet and ambivalent feelings: will I ever read this again or am I so over this author/book/genre now?
  • A box hidden under another box full of hardware, contractor garbage bags, and the like which, upon opening is revealed to contain Pakistani 22 carat gold jewelry with some featuring precious jewels.
  • A working VCR with several VHS tapes standing by
  • A non-working DVD player
  • Wedding china
  • Several guitars and amps
  • Boxing heavy bag
  • Scrolls of paintings we purchased in China and never had the space to hang. See also: two poster-sized prints of “Sheep Breeds of England”
  • Leather briefcase I got when I graduated from law school and assumed that all lawyers needed and carried.

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