Superb Blurb: Cop in the Hood

Cop in the Hood: My Year Policing Baltimore’s Eastern District by Peter Moskos.

An examination of the disconnect between patrol officers on the street and the Office of the State’s Attorney in its ivory towers yielded this bit:

One police officer described her observations of drug corner: “I saw a [white] suspect slow his car down [in an African American neighborhood]. Somebody approached the car. After a brief moment I saw a hand-to-hand [drug] transaction.” When the car pulled away, the officer stopped the car and told the driver what she saw. The driver consented to a search and the drugs were found. The man was arrested.

The liaison for the state’s attorney invalidated the arrest stating that the officer did not have reasonable suspicion to stop the car. The officer explained that she saw a drug transaction on a drug corner. The liaison asked the officer, “How do you know it was drugs? How do you know it wasn’t an Oreo cookie?” The officer, disgusted at the events, told me, “They sit here in the C.B.I.F. [the state’s attorney’s court liaison office at Central Booking] and tell me I don’t know a drug transaction? I’m sitting out there watching this damn thing for hours and make a good lockup. An Oreo cookie!? If only it were. Then at least I’d get something out of this. I could eat the damn cookie! As it is now, I’ve still got these damn drugs to submit.”

Aside: This book made me want to watch “The Wire” all over again (man, I miss Omar and Kima) and maybe recommend a good copy-editor to the author. Gojira, why didn’t you help him?


2 responses to “Superb Blurb: Cop in the Hood

  1. Oh dear–you must’ve gotten the special first edition! There was some kind of serious copy editing fiasco, so bad that PUP recalled the books and did a reprint. Part of the fiasco was that they were paying their copy ed only $15/hr. It would’ve cost them a lot less to pay twice that much, and not have to recall the books in the first place. On the plus side, maybe that book you have will turn out to be a collectors’ item!

  2. lame! alas, i got my copy from the dc library so it’s not mine to keep but i guess that means that i should go out and buy my own copy so i don’t have to cringe when i see a vital ‘not’ missing from a sentence… 🙂

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