Wednesday One-Liner

I have reached a lamentable stage in my life where, with an eye towards my caloric intake, I forgo eating raw cookie dough or cake batter in order to indulge in the final product.


4 responses to “Wednesday One-Liner

  1. Somehow those things never make it onto my weight watchers points. It doesn’t count if you are just licking it off with your finger. Right??

  2. sorry, i can’t hear you right now. i’m up to my ears in buttercream frosting and have to eat my way out.

  3. what’s the point in making cookies if you can’t eat the batter? you might as well just buy cookies (the overpriced fancypants kind, of course, to compete with actual homemade)

  4. valid point. maybe after i lose another 10 pounds i will return to my gluttonous, salmonella-risking ways.

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