Superb Blurb: Love InshAllah

Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women by Nura Maznavi and Ayesha Mattu

Maybe a bit nepotistic since the author of this entry and her husband are friends of mine but it’s still among the best bits of the book and not just for the abundance of parentheses and lists.

When the meal was over and we were about to leave, my mother finally blurted out what had clearly been on her mind throughout the evening: “So, what are your plans?”

Without missing a beat, he looked her in the eyes and said these beautiful words: “Well, Auntie, God willing, with your permission, I’d like to marry Aida within a year.”

To this day, he swears that every future Muslim mother-in-law wants to hear the following expressed:

  1. God’s supreme authority (only if God wills)
  2. The mother’s supreme authority over the couple (permission)
  3. A desire to get married (the only legitimate goal)
  4. Time frame (too short = unrealistic; too long = noncommittal)

With a lopsided smile on her face, my mother said, “Okay.”


One response to “Superb Blurb: Love InshAllah

  1. yay! for nepotists!

    ? 🙂

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