I went to jump through yet another set of security hoops at work yesterday and while I was waiting, I overheard two African-American employees on the other side of the partition discussing the pitfalls of Disney princesses.

“You see how Tiana has to live in New Orleans? And how she falls in love with a light skinned man?”

“Mmmm hmm.  And you see how the “magic ingredient” is hot sauce?  I mean, for real, HOT SAUCE?! How is it nobody has picked up on that? Talk about stereotypes!”

“I know! So bad. What, did they think we wouldn’t notice?”


“My cousin’s daughter wanted to dress up like Jasmine for Halloween.  I mean, that’s not even the right race!  What race is she anyway?”

“I don’t know.”

“I think she’s Indian.”

“But I thought it took place in Arabia.  You know, they had that swoopy castle or whatever.  And that magic carpet?”

“Isn’t India in Arabia?”


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