Conversations with ZP

[as TP was losing to ZP in Scrabble]

TP: “Suq? Are you sure that’s a word?”

ZP: “Yes!  It is!  Ask Mommy!”

TP [calling out to me]: “Is S-U-Q a word?”

Me: “Yes.”

ZP: “Told you!”


2 responses to “Conversations with ZP

  1. of course, it’s a word. but a better question is whether it is an english word.

    also, i don’t see how anyone could possibly use “SUQ” in scrabble because the Q tile comes with a U attached and “SUQu” is not a word.

  2. it has become an english word (or at least it is found in english dictionaries).

    what kind of scrabble game have you been playing?! (interro-knock-off-version-with-easy-QU-tile!)

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