Major Tum to Portion Control

So I’ve been trying on and off to lose this baby belly flab I’ve been carting around since AP was born.  Note: she’s turning four next month.

I tried exercise but exercise and me?  We don’t much get along.

I tried diet but then Ramadan was over and it was back to poor eating habits followed by an intense bout of meat face week.

Finally, I tried to combine the two.  I have cut down on carbs (meaning I avoid them during the week but give myself a break on the weekends), started walking more (meaning I drop the kids off at school and then keep on trucking into other neighborhoods before looping back around to my own), and started drinking more water and eating less food (even bought these cute orange bowls to make some semblance of an effort towards portion control).

Result: I’ve lost 10 lbs in about a month.  Another 10 to go and I’m going to celebrate with some Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake.  Who’s with me!


3 responses to “Major Tum to Portion Control

  1. i’m very proud of you! but don’t order the godiva cake. you can celebrate with a nice scoop of ice milk instead!

  2. “unflavored for me!”

  3. That is seriously impressive!

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