“The Hell?” Files

In a pathetic attempt to stay abreast of fashion phenomena, I was perusing Zappos to learn what, exactly, was so special about Frye boots. When I heard it discussed among a group of friends, some of whom are crawfish broil/boil/bake/whateveryoudowithcrawfish experts, my immediate assumption was that “fry boots” were specialized footwear one wore while frying.  Clearly I watch too much Spongebob.

Mr. Krabs: Ordinary boots? These are the only official fry cook boots! Only the finest fry cooks in the world are permitted to wear them! Part of a tradition. And these boots were given to me by the most famous fry cook in the sea.

SpongeBob: Who’s that?

Mr. Krabs: Oh, uhh, oh, well, his name’s not important, but he was famous all right, don’t you worry.

Anyway.  My research complete, I started looking for a new pair of athletic shoes for myself and filtering by price brought me these.

Capezio Foot Undeez.  Yeah, I can read the product description as well as anyone but still.  The hell?


3 responses to ““The Hell?” Files

  1. It’s a jockstrap for your foot!

  2. haha you thought they were boots for frying…you are so sheltered.

  3. i said you could say ‘ha!’ but you didn’t tell me that you were going to make fun of me!

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