Friday Evening Music Jam By Request: Zeb and Haniya

some of their stuff nearly put me to sleep but this was pretty rockin’.  also, did you see this?


8 responses to “Friday Evening Music Jam By Request: Zeb and Haniya

  1. i just learned something new – you can’t comment and watch the wideo at the same time.

    this one is new to me – and wasn’t the one that i thought you’d embed. i like it.

    just read the npr piece, i didn’t know they were both educated in the US and lived in Lahore now.

    good estuff.

  2. as an aside – the Coke folks did a decent job of marketing (at least in the city of Lahore) and, if i’m not mistaken, launched it in PK. due to it’s popularity, and Indian version was created using the same premise.

    it’s MTV Unplugged all over again.

  3. this song is fantastic.

  4. hsh – i used to love unplugged!

    ad – glad ye liked it. 🙂 it was my cousin’s pick on the ‘baji’s buddies mix’ so you should already have a copy.

  5. no, wait, wrong post. i thought you were commenting on the previous song. n’er mind.

  6. i thought this was pretty memorable…

  7. i like this one! some of their stuff neatly puts me to sleep, too, so this one is much better. thanks, baji!

  8. hsh – indeed! also: nirvana

    yz – quite welcome. i take full credit for exposing anyone and everyone to their music. 😉

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