Thanksgiving: By The Numbers

number of blocks of cream cheese: 5
number of sticks of butter: 6
number of bags of chocolate chips: 3
number of glasses of sparkling blood orange: 7
number of helpings of mashed potatoes with gravy: 3
number of times “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” viewed per day: 1
number of times “The Great Mouse Detective” viewed per day: 1
number of degrees Fahrenheit: 70s
number of incidents of pink eye: 3
number of incidents of pepper spray/tasering: 0
number of times I told LB: “I JUST said that.”: 4
number of hairscuts: 3
number of potential broken pinky toes from deluded conception of being younger than actual age: 1


3 responses to “Thanksgiving: By The Numbers

  1. Where’djoo get the sparkling blood orange? Sounds delicious. Also I approve of your number of degrees.

  2. could have been trader joe’s or whole foods or target. i think it was TJ.

  3. TJs is the beeeeeessssssstttttt.

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