Monday Morning Comedy Jam: Nathan Fillion’s Cat Story


5 responses to “Monday Morning Comedy Jam: Nathan Fillion’s Cat Story

  1. i adore him. and now, after seeing the way he operates a keyboard, i love him even more.

    have you seen his turn in this?

  2. speaking of cats, i hope you don’t ignore dr. clo such that she has to go to such lengths as this poor kit.

  3. dudes, you will not BELIEVE this:
    so, i just watched about 3mins of this video with much amusement (huuuuge nathan fillion fan! highfive to him in Castle!). then i paused it and went to put my dinner-plate away in the kitchen, and contemplated whether i should cut myself yet another slice of the carrot cake sitting on the counter. as i turned to get myself a new plate, i realized from the corner of my eye that I HAD LEFT MY STOVE ON (for an hour, mind you, as i lazed around on the couch, eating dinner and reading blogs and watching certain youtube videos — in fact, i had just replayed fillion’s “3 faces in soap: ‘did i leave the stove on?'” scene several times during dinner, because i thought it was hilarious).

    moral of the story: there is always room for carrot cake.
    (and nathan fillion is pretty ROCKING in his story-telling and typing.)

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