2011 Bajira! Gift Guide: Black-and-White Edition

Gojira is about to head off to Los Angeles for two months, so although she would like lots of things and several stuffs, she also doesn’t want to carry any things or stuffs. So Gojira’s portion of the following wishlist should be summarily ignored. Baji, however, remains in Our Nation’s Apple and is happy to receive many stuffs as well as some things.

Baji would like:

Baji continues her quest for panware. She’d like this one, but since she doesn’t know how to season a pan and is pretty sure that even if she learned, she would not do so regularly, she’ll settle for this one.  Update: Baji went to the store to give that one a test drive and nearly snapped her pencil-thin wrists in two trying to lift it off of the display rack.  Pass.  Maybe something in stainless steel or else eco-friendly—something that doesn’t weigh a ton without any food in it to begin with.

What’s the point of being a barrister if you can’t get the appropriate bookcase to go with the title? While we’re at it, might as well get this too (seems classier than the way my Nanaji used to label his books: big, black, permanent ink name across the belly [much cuter terminology than ‘front-edge’, no?] so no borrowers would fail to remember from whom they got said book).

Bose noise-canceling headphones because ZP still doesn’t seem to/refuses to grasp the concept of an ‘inside voice’ and if we play our cards right (i.e., you give me the money for it and I’ll buy it), we might even be able to write them off as a work-related expense!

This. On DVD. Right now. (Gojira: Whoa! We should request a distributor for the film for our list, stat. Baji: Can’t you tell Joss to give us a copy when you hobnob with him in L.A.?)

This book, by Jenny Lawson.

A new digicam because the old one keeps displaying some black smudge in the upper right corner of each picture no matter how furiously the lens is scrubbed and Baji is getting tired of framing the pix juuuuust so so that a tree or building or something else is always in the upper right corner to hide the blemish. Advice on this welcome.

iTunes gift certificates are also never frowned upon. Baji’s future hackers will not thank you but she will.

Gojira would like:

A case for her brand-new iTelephone (copyright Pete Holmes). This rabbit-ear one is just ridiculous enough, and the cottontail serves as a stand.

These Rag and Bone ankle boots. Yes, she has two pairs of black ankle boots and one pair of camel ankle boots, but she doesn’t have these.

The perennial Clinique lip balm that Gojira must have every year.

She still wants this Alexander McQueen skull bracelet, already listed last year, which anyone is allowed to buy her as she can easily carry it on her wrist.

Gojira is very intrigued by the Jawbone Up, a bracelet that tracks your sleep patterns and purports to wake you in the morning at the optimum point in your sleep cycle.

Gojira doesn’t want this now, but she wants it eventually, once she’s back in her own apartment: a little robot that mops your floor for you. Thank you, little robot.

And finally we would like three round-trip tickets to Hammamet, Tunisia, because c’mon, Baji actually knows the person who owns this magnificence (and three because Lil Baji is coming):


7 responses to “2011 Bajira! Gift Guide: Black-and-White Edition

  1. doesn’t dr. clo already track your sleep patterns and wake you at optimum points in your sleep cycle?

  2. Those booties are pretty fabulous!

  3. @baji: Her definition of optimum is a bit off. Btw, you need to get the iPhone. The quality of the camera is amazing. You totally don’t need a separate digital camera.
    @Megan: I’m glad someone agrees. My mother has already given her seal of disapproval.

  4. does this trick ever work? every year, you both post the stuff you want and every year i never get either of you anything. do other people take the bait?

  5. @upyernoz: Yes, it works wonderfully. It’s really intended for our respective parents. My parents never know what to get me and I insist on being surprised. So I list a number of things I’d like, and they pick from among them. This way, it’s easier for them and I’m still surprised. Since we started the Gift Guide, I’ve been delighted every year.

  6. great!

    but i’m still not going to get anything for you.

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