Goin’ Faster Than a Rollercoaster

I can’t keep up with my Google Reader.  I already missed today’s National Free Coffee Day.  I haven’t had time to catch up on Alan Rickman and his mellifluous voice.  Not enough hours in the day to share with TP yet another of his beloved vinegar‘s miraculous wonders.  Have I told you yet to add Jason Good to your own feed?  His analysis on blue cheese, parenting, and papaya is spot on.  Where does the time go?


2 responses to “Goin’ Faster Than a Rollercoaster

  1. You think I’m going to read someone who says rude things about cheese? Are you mad?!

    Also, I wish I found candy in a shoe.

  2. no, no, not about all of the cheeses; just the dreaded blue/bleu version! which i hate.

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