2011 Short Story Award Recipient

The Socks By Zain



Once upon a time there was socks















One time the socks got bigger


One time there was a boy


But the boy fixed the socks















2 responses to “2011 Short Story Award Recipient

  1. the reviews are in.

    “hahaha awesome!!!” – LB

    “BRAVO ! BRAVO ! i want an original signed hard copy pronto (well on my arrival in DC next week will do). when your nanaji was 16 he submitted his first article to be published in a boys magazine. it was refused by the publisher as ‘too simple minded’. he went on to major in english / education and published 1200 + articles in various magazines and newspapers :)” – Nani

    “Cute! He had a strong antagonist, plot and illustrations. The spelling…not so much. I mean seriously he’s only 5 and he’s slipping already” – Chai. Followed by “Or protagonist. I really have tos tart spell checking” to which I replied, “that, my friend, is what we in the industry call ‘irony'” with her delivering the final say, “Touche”.

    “Brilliant! I was in suspense!” – Aunt Jen

    “i love it SO much! he had me at once upon a time there was socks.” – Gojira

    “Wow! Makes me think about sokcs in a whole new way. Very cute!” – Aunt Carolyn (kg’s mom)

    “very nice: setting, character, event, development, climax, resolution and ending. illustrations, to boot! He’s good! looking forward to reading more.” – H Biddy

    “Wow! Great story. Having to download and then open each page really created suspense!” – Aunt Carolyn (A and M’s mom)

    “Wow. What fun to have to have a handsome, brilliant grandson. Way to go, Zain.” – Grandma

    “Wonderful, Zain! Your story has everything — a hero, a villain (actually a pair of them), some cool technology, and a happy ending. You are on you way to becoming a great writer. Keep it up!” – Grandpa

    “haha. nice. we have many writers in the family now.” – Uncle Oz

    “Hee hee–“ouns a pun a time”! Get it? ” ‘a pun’ a time”? Genius–the boy’s a comedy prodigy, I tell you!” – Aunt Jill

    “i think capt.zizou’s handwriting here would make the best font EVER for “THE END,” and should be patented/copyrighted/marketed as THE go-to font for such usage. the end.” – Aunt Yaz

  2. just noticed that this is tagged under ‘canjoose’ with no explanation so for my doddering future self, the masterpiece above was written on the backside of some work paper that i refused to throw away until the blank side was filled. worked quite well rather than giving him a nice clean paper that would have cost me money. and they lived happily ever after, the end.

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